nConnect's Impact

nConnect's mission is to inspire future leaders through enrichment programming, active mentoring, and real-world applications in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. We want each of our programs to make a positive difference in our community and leave a long lasting impact.

AP Mentoring Program

nConnect's AP mentoring program is making a positive impact on the students, mentors and teachers involved.

nConnect program participants are 50% more likely to take AP exams than their fellow students. 98% of past participants are enrolled in college with 58% pursuing a STEM major, and 68% planning on a STEM career.

"My mentor provided more than just content-based insight. Our group discussed life and the future (mostly college and careers) in depth and I gained a lot from that. I think the fact that my mentor provided me with a wide array of useful information and opinions benefited me greatly and I am glad that I had the opportunity to experience it."

2009-2010 Participant, Skyview High School

  1. 100% of nConnect mentors recommend the program to others
  2. 93% of first time volunteers plan on volunteering with nConnect again in the future

"I really enjoy the satisfaction of helping a young student understand the beauty of mathematics."

AP Calculus mentor at Union High School

  1. 94% of nConnect teachers continue their participation in the nConnect AP mentoring program each year
  2. 74% would recommend this program to other teachers

"I really enjoyed the opportunity to challenge my students more academically since they had the support of a great mentor."

AP Calculus teacher, Hudson's Bay High School

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