nConnect is free to participating students, and offers several programs that support student success in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) classes, and help students learn about STEM careers.

Advanced Placement® Mentoring:

nConnect gives students the opportunity to work with a mentor who is an expert in their AP subject matter. nConnect mentors work with a small group of students before, during or after school over the course of the school year. Mentors support students by offering:

  • Tutoring to help them prepare for the AP exam
  • Mentoring to support students' college and career decisions
  • Challenging activities to help students learn how the course material is used in the community and the world

BizConnect (Career Cruising):

BizConnect is a part of the career information tool, Career Cruising, and is currently subscribed to by the schools listed below. Students working with the BizConnect program can research local companies in their field of interest and connect to local professionals through an online message board. The platform also makes it easy for students to set up career related learning experiences like:

  • Job shadows
  • Informational interviews
  • Mock interviews
  • Senior project advisors

The following schools are using BizConnect:

  • Camas high School (Camas School District)
  • Clark County Skills Center (multiple school districts)
  • Heritage High School (Evergreen School District)
  • Hudson’s Bay High School (Vancouver School District)
  • Fort Vancouver High School (Vancouver School District)
  • Kelso High School (Kelso School District)
  • Mark Morris High School (Longview School District)
  • R.A. Long High School (Longview School District)
  • Castle Rock High School (Castle Rock School District)

To get involved with BizConnect talk to your school counselor. If your school is not currently participating in the BizConnect program, ask your counselor if there are plans to add it in the future.

BizConnect makes it simple to explore different careers in the STEM field. It also makes completing graduation requirements and a High School and Beyond Plan easy.

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