About nConnect


nConnect’s mission is to challenge high school students to succeed in more rigorous academic subjects and to prepare them to become future leaders and innovators in the global economy. Through partnerships in the local community, we combine career related learning experiences (CRLEs) with active mentoring to support and sustain students as they discover and unlock their potential. We make learning relevant.

nConnect was founded with three fundamental beliefs. First, more rigorous courses are requisite in high school if US students are to be competitive in the global economy. Second, all students should have the opportunity to succeed in these rigorous courses – not just the privileged. Third, mentors can play a significant, if not vital, role in education and can help many more students succeed in challenging courses.

nConnect's goals are simple but powerful:
  1. Encourage more students to take rigorous advanced placement® (AP®) classes
  2. Help more students succeed in these programs
  3. Advise students on their college and career choices, encourage them to pursue world-class colleges, and expose them to a wide variety of career options
Support teachers in providing the highest quality teaching to students
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